What to Expect When Flying First Class

Are you traveling first class when flying? Then this article is not for you! You already know what to expect as inflight perks and you’ve developed exceptional first class etiquette. This article is for people who only have economy class and business class experience.

If you’ve never flown first class we’ll tell you what you’re missing out on by comparing economy and business class with the first class perks. If you are on a plane now and reading this article, recline your seat, stretch your legs and enjoy it. Oh sorry, you are in economy class and do not have space to stretch your legs! But enjoy the article in any case and permit yourself a little bit of jealousy.

Placement of seats

As the first class seats are in the front of the plane the first class passengers board and de-board first. In most cases, they don’t even come into contact with anyone traveling in business or economy class.

The seats are also placed in such a way that you have enough legroom. In many aircraft, you can even relax in a horizontally reclined seat without bothering other passengers. The aisles are wider and trays bigger than in the other classes. This provides the passenger with ample space for electronic devices and reading material. Some aircraft’s first class seating includes suite seats that provide passengers with a roomy, private enclosure.

Compare this with the long waiting time to board and deboard and the small leg and arm space in the other classes, and we’re sure you are already planning to fly first class next time!

Meals, beverages and snacks

In the first class section, you have a different menu than the rest of the passengers. You can choose between specially prepared foods by celebrity chefs and wine pairings suggested by expert sommeliers. You enjoy your meal on fine tableware and with silver utensils. The wine is served in wine glasses. Additional snacks and beverages are available at no charge.

You will not get pre-packaged meals, only two choices of meat, and beverages in disposable cups when traveling first class.

Inflight Entertainment

Although business and economic class passengers nowadays also have built-in TV screens your first class passenger has a larger flat-screen monitor at his seat. With some airlines, the passenger can even arrange beforehand that a favorite program is included in his video choices.

Perks Before the Flight

Differences between first class and the other classes begin before boarding. First class passengers have access to exclusive airport lounges where gourmet meals are served and snacks and beverages are free of charge. They also have access to private rooms to relax and private bathrooms with showers.

These perks are something you can only wish for if you’re travelling economy or business class, with your public restrooms and expensive food outlets.

First class passengers are also provided with expedient check-in and security services.

First Class Etiquette

The staff-to-passenger ratio in first class is generally about one crew member per four passengers. The crew allocated to first class are trained to provide first class service with etiquette as fine as in any five-star restaurant. And because the passengers are in this luxurious atmosphere they also practice etiquette suitable for the boardroom or top restaurant.

Have you noticed that first-class passengers generally travel stylishly dressed? Quite the opposite of the jeans and backpack attire in economy class.

Other Hidden Inflight Perks

For business people, flying first class could be an opportunity to make connections and build their networks. Your seatmates are most probably people with influence and connections. Some surveys showed that one in five people flying first class later developed business relations with previous fellow first class travelers.

And lastly, first class passengers are less tired when arriving at their destinations than economy or business class passengers.

Final word

Despite the far more expensive air ticket, it is worthwhile flying first class. Do you have your plans in place for your first class flight next time?

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