Airlines With the Most High-end Amenity Kits

Most people aspire to fly first class, while to some, this is a lifetime experience and a must-have for a select few. The demand for first class perks for the elite sitting at the front of a plane is at an all-time high, with airlines going out of their way to remain competitive. Most airlines are collaborating with luxury fashion brands to make functional and appealing amenity kits. Here are airlines with the most high-end amenity kits.

Emirates First Class – Bvlgari

Emirates has partnered with Bvlgari to design the airline’s exclusive amenity kits. It features faux leather and comes in eight designs of different colors. The kit contains skincare essentials and Bvlgari’s fragrance – Eau Parfumée Au Thé Vert to help keep you feeling fresh and re-energized during travel.

Air France First Class – Carita

Air France has partnered with Carita to develop its unisex amenity kits in orange and blue colors. The kit is made from leather-like material and resembles a piece of jewelry, and you slide it open to reveal its contents. While onboard, you will receive a 4-pack skincare gift from Carita skincare products.

Qatar Airways First Class – BRIC’s

Air Qatar’s first class amenity kit comprises a miniature version of the BRIC’s Bellagio retail trolley. The kit has been exclusively created for the airline and is available in various colors, including rose blush and sunny yellow for ladies and Navy and Tan for the gents. This kit features Tuscan leather trim with full-grain leather inserts.

Singapore Airlines First Class – LALIQUE Collection

The LALIQUE collection allows you to enjoy home luxury at 30,000 feet above. The airline’s gender-specific kits are elegantly and stylishly designed. The ladies kit features a pebble texture and comes in pink or black and contains L’AMOUR LALIQUE cosmetics while the cosmetic case for the gents is black and features easy access pull-tabs for easy opening. While onboard, you will be treated with LALIQUE’s Encre Noire range of cosmetics. First Class guests are also presented with a gorgeous black unisex travel case that contains the LALIQUE Neroli range of products including a scented candle.

Japan Airlines First Class – ETRO

Japan Airlines amenity kit features ETRO’s premium pouches, an Italian high-end fashion brand. The classic kits have simple designs for use by both ladies and gents. The unisex pouches contain ETRO’s ‘Shantung’ signature perfume, body lotion and scented lip balm to help keep you refreshed throughout the journey. The partnership between the airline and ETRO, first of a kind in the aviation industry, is sure to keep passengers with a smile on their faces.

Malaysia Airlines First Class – Cerruti 1881

Malaysia Airline’s amenity kits feature Italian brand Cerruti 188 and are gender-specific. The ladies kit comes in black or navy blue colors with a golden chain handle, while a CERRUTI logo plate accentuates the front part. The classic rectangular soft-touch pouch contains a wide range of cosmetics from CERRUTI 1881 eau de toilette and Payot for ladies and gents.

Lufthansa First Class – Windsor

If you are a first class guest in Lufthansa, you will be treated with the trendy Windsor cosmetic bag. The ladies’ mode amenity kit is elegant and features a grey color with a detachable carrying strap to transform it into a handbag or a classy clutch. The men’s kit features a straightforward design for everyday use as an organizer or toiletry bag. While onboard, you will be treated with a range of personal care products from La Prairie.

Saudia Airlines First Class – Furla & Porsche design

Saudia Airlines treats its first class guests with gender-specific kits that have two distinct design labels. The ladies are treated with Furla while the gentlemen are treated with Porsches. The Furla miniature bag is inspired by the brand’s renowned luxury handbags that feature a yellow-beige-brown front feature that helps block colors. You can use this chic mini bag as a cosmetic case or an evening clutching bag after you have reached your destination. The Porsche men’s kit features a unique and sophisticated design with hidden snaps and opens up to double its volume and size. Both Furla and Porsche offerings contain a pomelo scented lip balm and Atelier Cologne hand cream.

Airlines have taken the battle for customers to an all-new level. Amenity kits are first class perks that continue to inspire you long after your last flight. The best airline has to offer an experience that keeps reminding you of pleasant memories during your last first class flight.

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